Xavi: We have war to fight on Tuesday

Photo: Alex Caparros/Getty Images

Barcelona did their job against Cadiz on Saturday, as the Blaugrana secured a 1-0 victory away at the Nuevo Mirandilla.

Up next for Barcelona is the Champions League second leg quarter-final clash against PSG.

Barcelona won the first leg 3-2 in Paris, and Xavi has declared the second leg a ‘war to fight’.

Xavi said immediately after the win against Cadiz: “On Tuesday, we have a war to fight, the match comes during our best form this season. We want to do something big.”

“I was convinced. I know the group, the footballers. We are a family and I knew we would take a step forward.

“We have improved at the group level. I think, and it is evident, that we are in the best moment of the season. Today we competed well.

“This is football and we can lose at any time. But you have to try to take advantage of the opportunity. And now comes the fun part, the best, the most beautiful part of the season.”