I don’t want to come down to their level – Ancelotti tells Barcelona

Real Madrid has sent a message to Barcelona president Joan Laporta and manager Xavi Hernandez, claiming he doesn’t want to come down to their level.

Barcelona president Joan Laporta recently fired a dig at Real Madrid, claiming that the Los Blancos is being favoured by referees.

In the words of Laporta, Real have been favoured by refs for 70 years.

The Catalan president said: “Madrid is not behaving well. Judge Joaquín Aguirre, at the request of Real Madrid, has extended the investigation period.

“A club like Real Madrid cannot talk much. For 70 years, the people responsible for appointing referees were Real Madrid fans and club members.

“Look at their game vs. Almería, a shame and they are saying that they help Barça. We are very angry.”

Barca manager Xavi Hernandez also said that Real Madrid do get refereeing favours.

“They [Real Madrid] are favoured by referees every week. It’s the truth,” Xavi told the media.

“I agree with Cholo [Diego Simeone] here. We are not stupid, we see it. A blind can see it. It’s up to you [the press] to report on it.”

Real Madri boss Carlo Ancelotti was asked about the comments, and he said he doesn’t want to come down to Barcelona’s level.

When asked to comment on Barca’s remarks, Ancelotti said: “I’m a professional, and as a professional, I don’t want to sink to their level out of respect for Spanish football.

“Don’t ask me about that any more. I don’t want to sink [to that]. It isn’t a level for professionals.”