Even the blind can see that Real Madrid are favoured by referees – Xavi

Photo: Eric Alonso/Getty Images

Barcelona manager Xavi Hernandez, has made a bold claim that Real Madrid get favoured by referees.

“They [Real Madrid] are favoured by referees every week. It’s the truth,” Xavi told the media.

“I agree with Cholo [Diego Simeone] here. We are not stupid, we see it. A blind can see it. It’s up to you [the press] to report on it.”

Barcelona president Joan Laporta also believes Madrid get favours from refs, and insists that Barcelona will be acquitted of the charges currently targeted at the club.

“I am sure that Barça will be acquitted,” Joan Laporta said of the Negreira case.

“It is a campaign orchestrated, not only by Madrid, but also by La Liga, in which I am still in.”