I feel angry and sad – Las Palmas coach says after losing to Barcelona

Photo: Angel Martinez/Getty Images

Las Palmas coach Javi Garcia Pimienta has admitted he was left feeling sad and frustrated after their 2-1 defeat at home to Barcelona.

Las Palmas scored the opening goal early in the first half, and were very tough for the Blaugrana.

However, Barca won 2-1 thanks to an injury-time penalty converted by Ilkay Gundogan.

Garcia Pimienta said: “I feel a little anger, a little sadness. It seemed like it wasn’t going to escape us. We wanted to be in the Primera Division to play these types of games. We have been close to getting a point. Thank the fans for everything they have done and the players.

“I was talking to the referee who asked the players to sit on the bench. We missed a point in the last minutes, but it is true that we have gained points in the last minutes in other games.

“We have had a very good first round, we cannot relax.”

García Pimienta added: “You see everything that happens on the field of play for or against you, I cannot give an opinion on the penalty, if the referee calls a penalty and the VAR does not correct it, it will be a penalty.”