Xavi reveals what he wants to see against Shakhtar Donetsk

Photo: Eric Alonso/Getty Images

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Barca boss Xavi Hernandez has admitted that Barcelona have been far from their best.

The Blaugrana only managed to get a 1-0 win against Real Sociedad, after playing badly for most parts of the game.

Ahead of Barcelona’s game against Shakhtar Donetsk, Xavi has told his team to not only play good football, but to also win with a high score.

Xavi said: “It’s difficult. There was a turning point on the day of the Super Cup against Real Madrid. It was important to stabilise the project and for the players to believe in it.

“It’s not the objective (to play poorly and win). Then it happens as it happens. The other day we achieved three points that we may not deserve but on the day of Clásico, or another, I think we deserve more and we don’t have it. We have to go back to being that recognisable team like the day of the Clasico. The objective is to play well and win.

“The mentality has been very good from the first day. In many games we have not achieved it by playing but by courage and attitude. We are the team that scores the most goals in the last minutes. That means that physically we are very good and mentally we have a winning team.”

He added, “We want to play great football and win by a landslide, this is the perfect movie but it won’t happen in every game. There is an opponent that puts pressure on you, you may be less inspired, lack intensity. I wish we could reach this ideal scenario in every game. “We must continue to be patient, humble, hard-working…”