‘I didn’t want to show that weakness’ – Former Barcelona star finally reveals big secret he had to live with

Photo: Getty images

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Former Barcelona winger Bojan has opened up on the mental health problems that derailed his time in Catalunya.

Bojan was pipped as a future star when he made his Barca debut in 2007 but failed to fulfil his huge potential. He played for nine different clubs before retiring this year.

“I lived it with a lot of secrecy. It was an issue that I had to face, and I didn’t want to show that weakness. I went to train, I showed myself strong, and it was when I got home that I experienced it with my parents or whoever was with me at that time,” Bojan revealed in an excerpt from his upcoming documentary.

“My teammates saw me in difficulty, that I had given up playing in the Euro Cup, but I don’t think they understood what the process I was going through entailed,” he added.

Bojan also admitted that he feels he made the right choice to retire at a young age: “I felt that the stage of the football player was already very full, very lived, very suffered, very celebrated. I really felt fulfilled for having played in Europe, in the United States and in Japan.”