Xavi: Ancelotti is right

Photo: Alex Caparros/Getty Images

Real Madrid manager Carlo Ancelotti was unhappy with the referee’s officiating of their game against Sevilla, but chose not to say anything in fear of being banned.

Xavi has however said that he agrees with the Italian.

Xavi said at today’s Champions League presser: “Let me tell you that Ancelotti is right about this. If we talk, you have a sanction. We must take care of the vocabulary with the referees. It is too conditioned, this is soccer. Naturalness leads you to this.

“The more natural we are, the better. The referees must go out to explain. We would humanise them more. From inside the locker room there is no concern. The referee is going out to do his job.

“Do complaints help? I was asked: No, the complaint is going nowhere. Sometimes it comes out naturally. As in Getafe you are p***ed off and feel that you have been harmed. We are human and we are angry, it is normal, but the complaints go nowhere.

“Madrid felt hurt and complained. I don’t give it more laps. Ancelotti is right. You complain and they sanction you. On freedom of expression I agree.

“I like that there is respect, harmony between the clubs. Tension does not generate anything good. Rivalry is positive, but at the same time respect and admiration. It is a soccer game that we are going to compete and we are going to try to win.”