Real Madrid want to control Barcelona – Laporta cries out

Photo: Getty images

Barcelona president Joan Laporta has accused Real Madrid of trying to control Barcelona.

Laporta believes that the Jose Maria Enriquez Negreira scandal is only an attempt from Madrid to smear the name of Barcelona.

“There is a sociological Real Madrid influence that is very strong, against which we have fought and won,” the Barcelona president said, per Marca.

“It is a very big challenge to fight, with sportsmanship, against sociological Real Madrid influence. We are used to it. It’s in the media, in political sectors, in sporting power, and we have to accept it as normal.

“But, as Barcelona fans, we have to compete, and we have won against this. They panic when they face a winning, admired and loved Barcelona.

“Sociological Real Madrid influence has taken advantage of the Negreira Case. They dirty the name of Barcelona and our history. They want to control Barcelona, and some of them even want to take over. That’s an issue that should always be taken into account.

“There is an orchestrated campaign to destabilise Barcelona. It is a ferocious and unprecedented campaign that takes advantage of the Negreira Case.”