Mallorca boss reveals why Barcelona’s penalty was reverted

16-year-old Lamine Yamal came on for the final 25 minutes of the match against RCD Mallorca.

The Barca starlet was stunning as he set up Fermin Lopez’s equaliser, and was a handful on the right flank.

There was however a major talking point from this game. Yamal had a penalty awarded for a foul on him after driving into the box. He was brought down by a sliding challenge from Mallorca defender Jose Copete, and the referee pointed to the spot.

Following a VAR review, the penalty was cancelled.

Xavi has however insisted that the ref and VAR made a wrong call. However, Mallorca manager Javier Aguirre believes the VAR made the right call.

According to Aguirre, although there was contact, it was minimal.

Aguirre said that according to the new rules, it should not have been a spot kick, as a directive from the Technical Committee for Referees (CTA) said that they would no longer be giving soft penalties from this season onwards.

Aguirre said: “If that is a penalty, as my friend Medina Cantalejo would say, it is a soft penalty.

“You can call it, yes. There is contact and the referee has messed up job. The boy is already going down just from the intention… It is not enough to fall. It is messed up being a  referee, they [the players] constantly deceive me in training.

“The first thing is that I looked at the new screen that we put up in the stadium and I saw the reaction of the children and our fans; I saw clearly that it was not a penalty.

“They did not step on him, it wasn’t blatant and they did not give a penalty. There is a kind of contact where he is already being throwing himself down. I think the referee does not see enough to call it. Last year they said that they were not going to call soft penalties.

“The VAR notifies him because I understand that they did not see it clearly. Lamine said that there was contact and there is a mini-contact.”

Aguirre refers there to Luis Medina Cantalejo, Head of the CTA.