Great news for Barcelona

Photo: Florencia Tan Jun/Getty Images

Barcelona have endured a rough few years financially, as the club’s finances have been in the red for some years now.

This led to Lionel Messi’s departure in 2021, as Barca couldn’t afford the Argentine anymore.

However, club president Joan Laporta has shared some positive news on Barca’s financial situation.

During Alejandro Balde’s contract extension ceremony, Laporta boldly affirmed that Barcelona’s economic problem will soon be over.

“We are improving in all aspects and I want to highlight that everyone thinks we have a very good squad, praise those who have sporting responsibilities,” Laporta said.

“A great squad has been set up and this helps everything. Efforts have been made to be able to register all the players. It is worth the effort that has been made and as we have a lot of confidence in the management.

“The club will be financially recovered sooner than expected in the strategic plan.”

Barcelona have lowered their wage bill by letting go of some high earners, while also attracting some investors to the club.