Lewandowski reveals what he thinks about selfish Ansu Fati

Barcelona defeated Villarreal 4-3 over the weekend, but it could have been a far more heavier scoreline, had the Barcelona players taken their chances.

Ansu Fati was particularly guilty of being selfish, as he tried to take the glory all by himself.

Towards the end of the game, Fati got into a great position in the box, and rather than square it to Robert Lewandowski, who was in a great position, Fati opted to go for goal, and missed the chance.

Lewandowski has however decided not to take it upon the young forward.

When asked if he was offended at Fati, and if he lashed out at the young forward for his selfish play, Lewandowski said: “No, but after that situation he looked at me and he thought ‘Maybe I could have made a better decision’.”

Lewandowski scored his first goal of the season, in the seven-goal thriller.