Pedri reveals one thing he’s working on

Photo: Getty Images

Pedri is known for how sleek he is on the ball, as well as his intelligence on the ball.

The 20-year-old has now revealed that he wants to work on his physicality as well.

Pedri has a petite stature, and he believes working on his physical side will help his game and also help him prevent injuries.

He said: “I’ve had plenty of time off to prepare myself physically, which is something I wanted to improve, especially to prevent injuries, which I’ve had a couple of lately that have prevented me from enjoying what I like most, which is football.

“I have done strength work. [The work] the club has set me has helped me a lot as well. And with all the professionals we have, the physios… they give us a hard time, but it’s the work we need to do to stay well.”