Barcelona should have gotten a penalty – World Cup referee says

Photo: Geert van Erven/Orange Pictures/BSR Agency/Getty Images

Barcelona were beaten 2-0 by Bayern Munich in the Champions League group stage game at the Allianz Arena.

Bayern scored two second half goals to win the game, but it could have been a different scoreline had Barcelona scored a goal in the first half.

There was a penalty situation, as Alphonso Davies tackled Ousmane Dembele in the box late in the first half. The Canadian wing-back didn’t have contact with the ball, but rather hit the Barca player on his feet.

Former World Cup referee Wolfgang Stark, insisted it was a penalty.

“That was a foul on Dembele. The referee should have given that pen. Bayern were lucky,” Wolfgang Stark said via DAZN.

Two quick-fir second-half goals from Bayern Munich gave the home side the victory, after a top class Barcelona performance in the first-half.