Kounde reveals the main thing Xavi wants from him

Photo: FC Barcelona

New Barcelona signing Jules Kounde has said Barcelona boss Xavi Hernandez has told him to be his usual aggressive self for the club.

The 23-year-old rose to limelight having starred in the last couple of seasons for Sevilla, which made Barcelona and Chelsea fight for his signature.

Kounde has revealed that his aggression and ability to pass the ball from the back, endeared him to the Barcelona manager.

“Xavi wants me to be the same as in Sevilla, aggressive and to bring the ball out from the back,” Jules Kounde said in his first Barcelona press conference.

Kounde also admitted that he had to choose Barca over Chelsea.

Kounde said: “It’s true that I had another offer, but I made the effort to wait for Barca to reach an agreement with Sevilla. When I saw that it was possible, I chose Barca because I knew very clearly where I wanted to go.

“It wasn’t a big decision, because I wanted to come here. I’m very happy, very proud. I’m coming to a big club, an ambitious club and I’m also coming with ambition.”