Ousmane Dembele reacts after scoring two world-class goals

Photo: Ron Jenkins/Getty Images

Barcelona star Ousmane Dembele is on fire ahead of the start of the new campaign.

Dembele scored a stunning brace as Barcelona played a 2-2 draw against Juventus.

Both goals from Dembele came from a piece of individual brilliance coupled with fine finishing.

It is the first time Dembele is scoring two goals in a match since January 2019, and he was just too glad.

According to Dembele, the goals have boosted his confidence.

“The two goals give me a lot of confidence and I’m very happy,” Ousmane Dembele said after scoring a brace against Juventus on Wednesday.

“I have the confidence of the coach, of the teammates and everyone at Barca. Confidence is very important for the players and I am happy.

“The tour is difficult with the heat, with the trip as well, but I think the team has a good feeling and is doing well.

“I think the team is good, four games into the season and doing very well,” the Frenchman added.