Dembele sleep celebration explained

Photo: Ron Jenkins/Getty Images

Ousmane Dembele scored two brilliant goals in the pre-season friendly game against Juventus.

Dembele showed his creative nous despite lasting just 45 minutes on the pitch against Juventus.

The France international scored a first-half brace to put Barcelona ahead 2-1 ahead at half-time, and both goals were superb piece of individual brilliance.

To celebrate the two goals, Dembele did the sleep signal.

How come about the celebration?

It’s called ‘Night, night’ and was first performed by NBA superstar Stephen Curry.

Explaining his famous celebration, Curry said: “I have no idea [how I came up with it]. I don’t choreograph none of that stuff.

“I was just having fun. You talk about having kids. You know how bedtime routines are important. It’s the final signal for job well done that day. Pretty special.”

Speaking after the game, Barcelona boss Xavi Hernandez sang the praise of Dembele, and also urged him to be consistent.

Xavi told the media: “Today he [Dembele] has shown what he is capable of. He is special. There aren’t many players like him.

“He must make the difference. He must be more consistent, of course.”