Barcelona vice-president reveals how much is needed to save the club

Barcelona are currently in deep financial crisis, and Barcelona’s vice president for finance Eduard Romeu, has claimed that about €500m (£427m) is needed to ‘save’ the club.

Club president Joan Laporta has spoken at length about just how bad things were when he joined the club in March 2021.

The club is now trying to sell off some players and sign players on a free transfer to balance the books.

It’s also documented, how club legend Lionel Messi had to leave last year as his wages couldn’t be afforded anymore.

The club’s financial chief Eduard Romeu, has said that the amount needed to fix Barcelona’s financial troubles is around a whopping half a billion euros.

“The number doing the most damage is asset imbalance,” Romeu told Sport.

“The negative capital of €500m. I said it before, if someone wants give me €500m…that is what we need to save Barca.”

Despite Barcelona’s financial troubles, Romeu had maintained that Barcelona are not interested in La Liga’s CVC deal, which would see them pocket a huge sum of money in exchange for a percentage of their audiovisual rights.

“For us, despite all the pressure we have received and the Fair Play issue we always have to keep in mind, it’s a bad deal,” Romeu said of the CVC deal.

“From a financial point of view, it’s settled and I think the president has been very clear.”